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    Distance Learning in Jaipur has become easier as students can pursue various degree courses online from their own space in a flexible schedule. Our Distance Learning Programs in Jaipur provide the best learning experience to help students achieve what they want. At JCRC, our Education Consultants in Jaipur help students to overcome academic challenges and get admission to the right college. Students looking to upgrade their career options, mothers who can’t attend physical classes due to enormous responsibilities, or young students who can’t afford education from a foreign university can join our Online Distance Learning Courses immediately.

    JCRC provides various distance education programs through the top leading online universities where you can study online:

    Suresh Gyan Vihar University– BA in (choose any three), Economics, History, English Literature, Psychology, Political Science, Economics, Public Administration, or Geography. MA – Economics, BA IN Journalism & Mass Communication (BAJMC), B.COM, BBA, MBA (Normal Specialization) in Marketing Management, Financial Management, HRM, Operation And Production Management, Financial Planning & Analysis. MBA (Special Specialization).

    Vivekananda Global University– BBA, BCA, MBA


    Online Education Consultancy, Get Optimal Career Guidance.

    Online programs allow candidates to apply on a rolling basis, which gives them far more flexibility. Start your application whenever you are prepared, and you won’t have to be concerned about deadlines. Thanks to our educational consultancy, we at JCRC assist students in planning, university admission, course advice, career counseling, etc. They offer guidelines for methodical problem-solving techniques, improvisation of the learning environment, and specialized and advanced training for faculty and teachers. The best universities collaborate with JCRC, Jaipur, Rajasthan to provide students with training and skill-development programs.

    Several students are members of the JCRC distance learning programs to advance their careers. The popularity of distance learning or distance education systems is quickly growing right now, not just in India but all across the world. Above all, we offer our distance education students 100% Employment help. We hold three to four placement drives monthly at our campus, welcoming all qualified applicants for distance learning programs.


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    Library Science

    Journalism And Mass Communication

    Computer Application

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    MBA Single Specialization

    Advertising & Marketing

    We Provide Distance Education In The Universities Below

    Vivekananda Global University (VGU)

    Suresh Gyan Vihar University (SGVU)

    Rabindranath Tagore University

    Online Distance Education, Consolidate Vital soft and transferable skills:

    The chance it gives students to acquire soft and transferrable skills while using technology and remote learning tools, which may subsequently be utilized in one’s employment, is one of the main advantages of distance education from a pragmatic aspect. The following are the most beneficial abilities that students can obtain through online education:

    Time management: It is necessary for successful remote learning. Boost your academic performance and organizational abilities even further. Enrolling in Rajasthan Distance Education may be an excellent beginning point for moving out of your comfort zone if you wish to improve your already strong time management skills.

    Team Work: Developing a sense of togetherness while working on a group project will be crucial for future remote collaborations. So, get in touch with our Distance Learning Coordinator to select the top online programs in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

    Problem-solving: Enrolling in a distance learning course may be an excellent place to start if you want to develop or enhance your problem-solving abilities, as being physically isolated from the rest of the class frequently forces students to rely more on themselves and their abilities to complete a task. Enroll in JCRC’s distance education programs in Jaipur right away.

    Critical thinking: Online education gives students the confidence to confront their peers’ perspectives on a particular subject or to ask questions about concepts they don’t fully grasp.

    Adaptability: Online distance learning in Jaipur, Rajasthan, can help people become more conscious of the importance of adjusting to others and showing respect for them, even when you don’t agree with them or have different ideas about how to complete a task.


    Need a hand! We are here to help you 24x7. Let us know all the concerns and doubts you have; we will do our best to resolve them. Contact us at +91-9602456503, or drop your inquiry at INFO@JCRC.CO.IN; our expert team will reach you shortly.

    The distance education consultancy will assist you before enrolling in the primary program or a significant course. By having the consultancy session, you can be familiar with the system they will be providing, and they will also guide you for the course period relating to the benefits that can be attained in the long term from the particular course or the portion of the study that you are opting for.
    The consultant will help you acknowledge the course, and they will also help you to choose the best and finest method that is matching with your capacity. The consultant also designs new training programs and offers training workshops; they also implement the changes in the course and the curriculum.
    Yes, distance learning programs are affordable and cost-effective. This allows the students to pay according to the course and offers the installment method. This method does not create any burden on the students and also not on their families as through distance learning, you can save transportation cost. Since the distance learning provides you with remote learning options, you can connect with your teacher at anytime from anywhere.
    These courses can be done in your flexible time as there are no strict regular classes. Moreover, these courses are convenient and do not cost a high price compared to the offline syllabus; the classes can be taken the remotely in your comfort zone. You feel free to choose one subject; this explains that you can opt for different online distance learning courses simultaneously.
    Yes, certificates earned from your hard work through the classes taken by distance education consultants are vails and acceptable in the financial world. This is because everything has been started and accepted through the online mode. In addition, nowadays, it is also interesting that people using innovative ways to learn any of the courses have the more clever/smart or advanced methods to perform their job quickly.
    Distance learning is also called online distance education; e-learning is not with the teachers or mentors physically, but they are connected through various technologies to facilitate and maintain the mentor-student bond; the primary source between them is communication through the solid internet facility. They provide their students with virtual learning, referred to as secondary school.
    The primary objective is to facilitate every student with their right to affordable and convenient methods. Distance learning programs also do not provide a barrier to any specific age, and older adults can access it without thinking about what society will speak if they attend traditional classes; the availability of the course would not be there. This break every barrier and every hindrance that come in between their path.